Tesla Receivable Put. Hedge Against Bankruptcy.

Flexible Contract | Cover 100% Receivable Value | Tesla U.S. & N.L.

Receivable Put Options are a progressive financial tool provided by banks or hedge funds and designed to protect accounts receivables (a/r) if your customer becomes bankrupt.  They are available specifically for suppliers to cover accounts receivable owed by Tesla and other high risk customers. Learn More

Why use a Receivable Put

Transfer Risk

Protect balance sheet if Tesla files bankruptcy.

Grow Sales

Sell to Tesla when other suppliers are not.

Investor Support

Provide comfort to company investors or shareholders.

Why use Swift

Best Contract & Price

Access all Providing Banks and Hedge Funds for Tesla Receivable Put.

Legal Consulting

Use our legal experts for contract review and analysis.

Maitenance & Claims

An independent consultant during the entire process.

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